Indian Summer The Label is an Australian swimwear and resort wear brand based on the WA coast in Perth. The name Indian Summer The Label was inspired by the song Indian Summer created by a 70s band called 'The Doors'.


All designs are created in-house and drawn heavily on inspiration from the era of the 80s and 90s tied together with modern elegance and minimalism.

Introducing Indian Summer The Label, where our sought-after designs embody a captivating simplicity, drawing out the sensuality of those who wear them. Embracing the spirit of the new era, my brand caters to women who appreciate effortless essentials, as well as those who exude elegant boldness by setting their own trends instead of following the crowd. Unveil a world of sophistication with Indian Summer The Label.


Experience the allure of "less is more" with our swimwear and resort wear, where chic and comfort meet to empower and embrace your individuality. Dive into a new era of elegance and style with Indian Summer The Label.