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Link Earrings

Link Earrings

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Chunky single link earrings made by ISTL. As seen on Karla and Sophadopha. Also available in silver for you girlies!

- hypoallergenic

- tarnish free

- gold: 18k gold plated

- silver: Stirling silver plated

All jewellery pieces are tarnish-resistant, however to maintain the quality of the item, avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, salt water, and making direct contact with chemicals.

Material: Repurposed stainless steel 18k gold plated. Enamel plated ring.

More details on the 'repurposed' aspect of ISTL jewellery:

It was difficult to think of how jewellery pieces can remain sustainable, however, I have worked incredibly hard to find a manufacturer that aligns with my values. The manufacturer I now work with collects old jewellery pieces before they end up in landfill, melt them down and repurpose them into new pieces. These pieces are then plated in 18k gold. This cycle is then repeated for future pieces.

**Please note that in order to preserve the quality of your products, the care instructions below must be followed. All chemicals can lead to your 18k gold plated jewellery tarnishing faster.**

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